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How to Reduce your July 2022 Water Bill

Are your summer water bill charges as high as these temperatures? At Malone real estate we are homeowners too and we also know a lot of homeowners so we get it! To help you save money on your water bill we have compiled 4 tips to help you save water and money this summer.

#1  Go Xeri

Xeriscape that is. Ever considered xeriscaping your lawn?  A lot of municipalities and HOAs are beginning to accept xeriscape  yards as options for landscaping. Some great types of items in the yeard would be water hearty bushes and perennials intermixed with rock and mulch. Lots of people even like to add stone or boulders to their area. No you can avoid watering an entire lawn and focus on drip irrigation only.

#2 Water at the right time

Based on scientific studies like this one at CSU, the best time to water is late evening around twilight, and early morning just as the sun is coming out. This allows water to sink into the ground reaching deep in the roots since the sun will not evaporate the water. Additionally if you water too late you can end up with topical issues on your lawn like mold. Watering at these times allows you to water less overall on your sprinkler timer.

#3 Create a rain catch system

While a rain catch system might not water your entire lawn, it certainly could water your Garden beds and auxiliary landscaping like bushes and trees. You can do this on your main house or your shed. Be sure to include a first flush water catchment.

#4 Wash your car on your lawn

The title says it all. Simply pull your car onto your front lawn or your back lawn if possible, and using a biodegradable car soap, you can rinse off on to the lawn. This way you’re saving both money and conserving water.


Also be sure to check out your local municipality districts for more info:

Longmont (St Vrain)

Firestone, Frederick, Dacono,  Mead (Little Thompson)

Erie (Left Hand)


If you are looking to move to another home with different landscaping, we’d be delighted to assist you with any real estate questions or needs!