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Moving Trends July 2022

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Based off our a market analysis for June, listings and home prices are up from June 2021. So this begs the question where is everyone moving?

By looking at market data we can see that listings are up in both Boulder County and Denver County however listings are down in places like Adams County, Weld County, and Larimer County. This indicates a lot of people are moving away from cities and higher-priced areas like Boulder and into more suburban and even rural areas. Most folks report the growth in Colorado as a reason to seek out less populated areas.

According to Stacker, U.S. census bureau data is used to determine how many people are moving within States in state to state.  The top five states more people are moving to and from Colorado in 2019 are:

#5  Oklahoma

#4  Florida

#3  Arizona

#2  California

#1  Texas

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