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How to stage your home for more cash in 2022

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How to stage your home

The goal of home staging is to make a more charming and attractive home to potential buyers. When real estate brokers talk about staging a home, they are referring to a way of decorating it to enhance it to sell the property quickly and for more cash. This also makes buyers envision themselves already living in it. Learning how to stage your home can help make a huge difference in home marketing.

Many home sellers mull over the idea that they have to heist a bank to stage their homes; this is not true! Although, staging is discretionary it is no doubt one of the most profitable projects you ever embark in. Potential home buyers aren’t just seeking for a home to dwell in, they are anticipating to actualize their dreams and envision their new lifestyle.

Staging aids marketing and helps to propagate more income for the seller. Even if you are on a limited budget, there are ways you can stage your home without having to spend much. Focusing on the big picture upgrades can land you the best result.

Below are some staging how-tos.

Know why you are staging

In general, staging influences most buyers’ perception of a home, thereby increasing the sales price. Having full knowledge of the advantages of staging a home can aid in deciding whether it is the right thing for you, and what amount to invest in it. Are you staging to get a higher offer? Or are you staging to distract buyers from less than ideal features? Knowing your motives will help drive what and where to stage.

Don’t leave anything unclean

Potential home buyers love to see everything warm and welcoming. Focus on making it as immaculate as ever; no one loves to see scrapped paint, old appliances, or dirt in their new home. Consider vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and washing. Keep the kitchen and bathrooms the most clean. Home buyers love to see their kitchen in a way that is more than just a mere cooking place, they want to envision get togethers and family events. Ensure every nooks and corner of the bathroom glitters like a 5 star hotel. And Yes clean the baseboards and ceiling corners!

Declutter and depersonalize the home

A suffocating home distracts buyers from your home and renders it an eyesore. It presents the home as smaller than it is. Eliminate everything that is of no use and is there for décor purposes only. It doesn’t require any price to put a home to order s don’t forget places like closets and pantries for organizing and decluttering. Once everywhere is free of clutter, put away all personal items like family photos, kids’ toys, etc that might turn off your buyers in envisioning the home as theirs.

Give the home a brand new furnishing

To start with, giving the home a neutral painting color scheme so as to not deter them if you have an eccentric or outdated paint scheme (sorry we know you love it buy your buyers might not). Try to remove any wallpaper and replace or clean old carpet.

Keep all pieces of furniture suitably sized to add visual space. Rearrange rear chairs with others to give a striking style appearance. Repaint the kitchen counters or cabinets with a nuetral color different from the walls. Ensure every space within each room is free, to enhance maximal display to buyers.

Add some extra attachments

Adding some finishing touches like fresh flowers vases, well-folded towels in the bathroom, fresh fruits neatly placed on the kitchen counter, and a pleasant scent that makes the home look warm and inviting. Whether it takes an extensive home staging or less, always keep in mind, what appeal each buyer prefers. A small amount of work is required toward attracting more potential buyers who are willing to put up more cash.

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