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Best Cities in Colorado for Tech Professionals

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Colorado forms part of the western United States and has remarkable views of the Rocky Mountains, Waterbodies, Forests, great plains, and public Lands to mention but a few of its attributes. It is known for its mind-blowing and adventurous night scenes, boundless recreational pursuits and maturing tech communities

Colorado is, in fact, a captivating place to visit and pronounce home. Each city is characterized by their own uniqueness, and one might be dazzled by which city to explore first.

4. Castle Rock, CO

Castle rock is closely situated 35 minutes  south of  Denver. A prospering universal community with a historic downtown and largest unveil mall in Colorado. A once small town, now with an growing population in the past several years.

A report from the U.S. census data, 2017 has graded it has one of the seven rapidly developed cities in the nation. Castle Rock is an exuberant city with considerably top places for jobs and charming place of abode. Castle rock is exceptional for its over 300 acres of state parks, 44 miles of trials, natures’ beauty. As a result, people visit the place manually for a workout, it is also an adventure ground for kids. Tech companies include Visa and Comcast.

3. Colorado Springs, CO

At the eastern foot of the rocky mountains lies the Colorado Springs, South of Castle Rock. It is principally the largest city by area in Colorado and home to Peterson Air Force Base. Colorado Springs features compelling activities for outdoors such as external blue skies, sensational natural views, and the towering Pikes Peak.

Ever wonder why the city is named an Olympic city? The uniqueness of the city came as no surprise, for it has birthed ton of Olympia dreams which renders it little London in be timed days and a captive for visitors’ attention.

Colorado Springs has affordable house prices and ample outdoor actions. The city is nestled in the foothills near Garden of the Gods making it the best place in the area to go hiking.

With the AFB near by the aviation industry is bustling and so is the tech community. There you can find Boeing, Twilio, and Verizon among others.

2. Boulder, CO

Boulder is regarded as one of the best cities to live in for tech professionals. It is ranked the most populous urban district, yet with environmental protections and affable livelihood it doesn’t feel as populated as it is. Due to its high pristine nature, residents enjoy opportunities rendered by the nearby forest and areas, Eldora and Brainard Rec Area with things to do such as hiking, rock climbing, fly-fishing, and climbing. Adding to the list are educational attainment, business, Pearl Street Mall, Chautauqua Park; you won’t be bored living in Boulder County.

In addition to Tech jobs at the University of Colorado, one can also find dozens of startups, Twitter, Google and Amazon.

1. Denver, CO

In the beautiful south plate river Valley, the city of Denver, being the official capital of the U.S. state of Colorado, ranks among the top 10 rapidly developing cities in the U.S. Are you contemplating on moving to Denver? Congratulations! You are in great company.

Denver is an exterior city known for its cosmopolitan attractions, breweries and bars, home to sports teams pro, a place of attraction to arts and culture. This advanced city pulls in transparency for the east to the grand and enjoys massive mountain scenes to the west. However, rendering the city the best place for exploration and adventures, Denver is the Gateway to the West. 16th Street, The Pepsi Center, The Winter park Express, Mile Hi Stadium, Coors Field, Lodo, RiNo… we could keep going.

The city exults a firm economy and amazing tech scene with numerous startups, Amazon, Oracle, Uber and several medium tech companies

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